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Rebuilding the water supply system was part of the massive amount of public works projects undertaken in this small industrial city.

In the winter of 1993/34, under the Civil Works Administration, the Mayor said “work was accomplished at great odds, inclement temperature, ground frozen to a depth of over four feet in some places. Let me, very briefly, tell you what work was accomplished:
4100 feet of six inch water pipe was laid on Sabattus Road.
8500 feet of six inch was laid on Webster Road.
600 feet of six inch water pipe on South Avenue.
4400 feet of eight inch water pipe at Barkerville, as a fire protection to that locality.
600 feet of twelve inch water pipe on Cedar Street to connect in the near future with a similar pipe with Auburn, thus preventing possible conflagration in either city.”

In 1934, the Mayor reported “Please let me enumerate some of the most important projects completed during this last year under the E. R. A. All proposed projects on sewerage have been accomplished to the extent of over 5 1/2 miles and nearly as much for water lines;”

In a section on Federal Relief Projects: “3. Water Works Systems: Installations of water lines on South Ave., Webster, Main, Sabattus and Cedar Streets, 17,600 feet.”

During 1938, “Six inch water mains were laid on Montello street, Hogan road, Central avenue and the old Greene road; two inch pipes on the Chadbourne road. Hydrants were installed on these lines as necessary.”
During 1939: “Under WPA, Water mains totaling 8,559 feet were installed on the following streets: Highland Spring road, Little, Googin, Orchard, Summit, Jones avenue, Lucille avenue, Thorne avenue and Scribner boulevard.

Source notes

Annual Municipal Report of Lewiston Maine

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on October 25, 2017.

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215 Scribner Blvd
Lewiston, ME 04240

Coordinates: 44.0851376, -70.18606439999996

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