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Panorama of Military History – Painted by T.L. Johnson and funded by the Federal Arts Project (FAP).

Covering the south wall is a tremendous mural, in brilliant colors, which features a panorama of military history. The drawing covers an area of 2450 square feet. It measures 70ft. in length, and 35ft. in height. The mural pictures 20 great historical battles most decisive and important in charting the course of civilization. Both the military dress and weapons portrayed are authentic. It includes famous military leaders in these engagements and in other brilliant campaigns. The arms history begins with the bow and arrow used by Cyrus at Babylon through the use of aircraft and the 14 inch Howitzer in World War I. Accepting the mural on behalf of the Academy on June 11th, 1936 was General John J. Pershing. The artist was T. Loftien Johnson. Mr. Johnson was born in Denver, Colorado in 1900. He studied painting under Ezra Winter and also in Paris with Lucien Simon. His work was commissioned as a Federal Art Project, under the Works Progress Administration. Mr. Johnson spent one year in planning, research, and preliminary drawings before starting the final work. The painting was done in egg tempera on plaster and required a year to complete. He was a member of the American Society of Mural Painters and has done other large works both public and private throughout this country.

Source notes

See: https://archive.org/details/ABetterNewYorkState1937 at minute 5:01-5:20.

As a West Point Cadet (1977-1981) and later while serving on the faculty (1990-1993 and 1999-2011), I developed a deep admiration for T. L. Johnson. I read, and re-read the description of his work, many times.

Project originally submitted by Daniel Ragsdale on May 31, 2022.

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Location Info

Washington Hall
West Point, United States 10996

Coordinates: 41.391636, -73.95803

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