Waimano Home (former) Dorms – Pearl City HI


In 1935, a contract was awarded for the construction of support buildings and dorms at the Waimano Training School and Hospital (WTSH), originally named the Waimano Home for the Feeble Minded. The facility was originally an incarceration facility for individuals with developmental disabilities. The contract, listed as Public Works Administration Docket No. T. H. 8029, included “a new unit for boys at Waimano Home, Pearl City, for the sum of $177,341, of which $53,200 was a federal grant.” These auxiliary buildings have been slated for demolition as of 1999, but current status of the structures is unknown to the Living New Deal. The original Training School facility was renovated and is today occupied by the Department of Public Safety. Other structures are occupied by the Department of Health (DOH), the DOH Laboratory facility, Mental Health Transformation State Incentive Grant.


Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on April 18, 2017.

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Location Info

2201 Waimano Home Rd
Honolulu, HI

Location notes: Approximate location

Coordinates: 21.4151986, -157.9548383

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  1. Paulette P Luke

    hi im looking for my brother edward luke last known that he was leaving with a family in kunia if you have any info about him can you please let me know.thank you his baby sister paulette luke

  2. Is there a way to access any records of a family member that was housed there??

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