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The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built a one-lane suspension bridge over the Upper Sacramento River in September 1933 under the supervision of the US Forest Service.  It may well have been the first major construction project completed by the CCC in the country. 

A plaque next to the bridge notes that Raymond Huber, who supervised the project, was given a plan of a 160-foot suspension bridge but no instructions on how to go about construction; so the crew made its own plans as it went along. 

The initial purpose of the bridge was to provide access to the east side of the Sacramento River for fire protection. There is now a modern paved bridge just to the north.

It appears that the bridge was not built by CCC enrollees at Camp Sims (Sims Flat Campground site today), which was established in 1934.

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Project originally submitted by Tim Holt on December 22, 2011.
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Location Info

Sims Road
Sims, CA 96017

Coordinates: 41.06340, -122.3600

3 comments on “Sims Bridge – Sims CA

  1. Raymond Huber is my grandfather. He was a civil engineer and went on to work for the forest service in California and New Mexico. His brother and one son became engineers. Myself and my two sons are engineers as well, so it definitely runs in the family. I have been to this bridge and seen the plaque. It is a great piece of family history.

  2. Bill Rieger


    The view from this bridge of the river and Mt. Shasta is sublime. Wheelchair friendly too.
    Great spot to get off I-5 and relax a bit.

  3. Many thanks for this great writeup about the bridge. I’m building a photo essay of the bridges over the Sacramento River and blundered onto this delightful little bridge while trying to get a good shot of the vehicle bridge north of it.

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