University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine East Tower – Chicago IL


This PWA building was originally the Dental College Building for the University of Illinois – Chicago. It was project #1057.

Construction of the Dental Building began in 1935 when the project was proposed and backed by the PWA under Illinois director Carl H. Bauer. The Public Works Administration funded the project with a grant of $366,000 and a 20 year loan of $1,091,000. The University Foundation directed by Glen M. Hobbs awarded the contract to the J.W. Snyder company for $952,610. Other contracts amounting to $370,500 were given to Haughton Elevator and Machine Co (elevators), Divane Brothers (electric wiring), O’Callaghan Brothers (plumbing), Robert Gordon, Inc (heating), and Bloomer Heating and Ventilating company (ventilation). The architects were Granger and Hollenbacher of Chicago.

The Chicago campus of the University of Illinois needed a new Medical and Dental Arts department in order to update their equipment and quality of education for their students. In 1935, discussions were held to create a $1,500,000 building for the Chicago campus. Years earlier in 1930, the state had had insufficient funds for this project and the plan was put aside. The University President Arthur Cutts Willard stated that this building was “for the welfare of mankind.”

In keeping with the style of the campus, the building was designed in collegiate Gothic style. Eight floors of dental clinics and dental chairs to hold 400 students, the other floors are medical laboratories. The building is 12 stories high with a tower going up to 15 stories.

During the summer of 1936, 140 laborers working on the building went on strike. According to PWA director Carl H. Bauer, “the building laborers and hodcarriers union became involved with the stone derrickmen’s union over which group should handle the cut stone to be used on the building” (The Daily Illini, 23 July 1936). The building was completed the first week of December, 1937. Since then, the Dental College has moved, and the building is currently known as the College of Medicine East Tower for the University of Illinois, Chicago campus.

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Project originally submitted by Madison Apple, Columbia College on May 25, 2014.

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Location Info

808 South Wood Street
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Coordinates: 41.8714801, -87.67132859999998

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