UC Extension/San Francisco State Teacher’s University – Woods Hall Annex – San Francisco CA


San Francisco State University (then, the Normal School) moved here from its original location at Powell and Clay Streets after the 1906 earthquake. In 1936, the Woods Hall Annex science building was completed in the Northwest corner of the campus at the corner of Haight and Buchanan. It had been started under SERA but was completed with WPA funds. The work included the completion of the building from the first floor. The project was submitted under WPA Serial No. 0702-14 for completion of footings to and including the first floor slab. (Mooser)

San Francisco State moved its Lake Merced campus in 1953-54. The Laguna and Haight Street campus until recently was a part of University of California Extension.

Additional WPA art in this location included a mural by Jack Moxom in the library of the Frederic Burk Training School of San Francisco State College, at the corner of Herman & Webster Streets, and a marble mosaic by Maxine Albro over the Haight & Buchanan Streets’ entrance to Woods Hall (then the Hall of Natural Science), San Francisco State College. The Hall also contains a WPA mural, “A Dissertation on Alchemy”, by Reuben Kadish.

Source notes

United States. Work Projects Administration (Calif.) Report on Progress of the Works Program in San Francisco. January, 1938. Works Progress Administration / William Mooser, Jr., branch manager. [San Francisco? 1938]

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Location Info

55 Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Location notes:
"The San Francisco State Teachers College National Register Historic District, also known as the Laguna Street Campus, is located in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood. The campus recently housed the University of California, Berkeley Extension which relocated to Downtown San Francisco in December 2003. Shortly thereafter, the university issued a request for proposals and entered into an exclusive negotiating agreement with A.F. Evans Development, Inc. to convert the campus to residential use under a long-term lease of the property, whose owner will remain the university." - http://www.friendsof1800.org/ADVOCACY/ucextension.html Parts of the campus have been slated for demolition and the exact state of the buildings now is not known.

Coordinates: 37.771763, -122.426175

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