Tyler State Park – Tyler TX


Tyler State Park was developed by CCC Company 2888 from 1935-1941:

“Set into the Piney Woods of East Texas, Tyler State Park reflects two major park development efforts. The first, directed by landscape architect Ben K. Chambers, involved extensive forest reclamation and land rehabilitation that included tree planting, development of a road system, and construction of a dam and lake. Architect Joe C. Lair oversaw the other effort, which focused on the development of essential park buildings. Particularly noteworthy, the architect’s designs represent a clear break from the National Park Service rustic style so often used at CCC parks, including many in Texas. Lair displayed a familiarity with the Prairie Style, made popular by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and helped to usher in a more modern style in the combination building, bath house, boat house, and residence by using concrete and wood framing and emphasizing linear geometric forms. The transitional nature of Lair’s work is significant because of its timing toward the end of the CCC’s run of park projects in Texas.”

CCC Construction in the park included:

“Park Road 16, Bridges, Culverts, Combination Building and Dance Terrace, Bath House, Boat House, Caretaker’s Residence, Garage, Earthen Dam, Table and Bench Combinations, Camp Fireplaces, and Diving Tower”

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Project originally submitted by Larry Moore on March 10, 2015.

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Location Info

789 Park Road 16
Tyler, Texas 75706

Coordinates: 32.482157, -95.283387

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