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A 35-unit subsistence homestead community, located 5 miles north of Tupelo off the Natchez Trace consisted of modest, one-story frame houses. Twenty of the units remain, and are owned by the National Park Service since transfer in 1940, and were used to house park personnel until recently. A man-made lake and recreation area was constructed in the community, although the dam broke in the 1960s and nothing remains of that feature. First initiated by the Division of Subsistence Homesteads, the project was completed by the Resettlement Administration.

The original plans called for 25 units, industrial-type homesteads, and in 1934, Tupelo Lumber Company obtained the contract to build the units for $50,600. Homesteaders moved in mid-November of 1934, and President and Mrs. Roosevelt visited a few days later.

Phase 2 was begun in 1936, ten new brick houses next to the original wood frame units.

Most recently, the houses are again available for public use, with the National Park Service calling for proposals for use. The houses may not be sold, moved, or altered.

Source notes

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Location Info

142 County Road 657
Tupelo, Mississippi 38804

Location notes: Houses are arranged in a loop of 657, behind the Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center; second units located on County Road 665, across the highway.

Coordinates: 34.328431, -88.70905

One comment on “Tupelo Homesteads – Tupelo MS

  1. Susie Dent

    When President and Mrs. Roosevelt visited this Homestead House, President Roosevelt had to send Secret Service agents into the house to retrieve Eleanor after an hour of visiting the lady of the house.
    The DAR placed a marker at this house many years ago, but it has “disappeared”.

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