Tuberculosis Hospital Heating Plant – Kearney NE


At approximately the same time that the State Board of Control was considering the construction of a new Men’s Hospital, a need for a new heating plant was also being considered. Architect John P. Helleberg, of Kearney, completed plans for the power plant and boiler room, which when equipped would cost $40,000.00, 45% of which was to be paid for through a Public Works Administration (PWA) grant. In addition, a series of heat tunnels would be dug to move steam from one building to another, as well as new wells, an extension to the water system, the storm sewer system, and running electric lines. Upon completion of the new power plant, the existing boiler at the hospital would be repurposed for cleaning laundry only.

When bids were opened in December 1938, the general construction contract was let to J. E. Kaufman of Kearney, the heating and plumbing to Stewart Plumbing and Heating Company of Hastings, and the electrical work to Sterling Electrical Company of Omaha.

Source notes

Kearney Daily Hub, 24 October 1938.
Kearney Daily Hub, 19 April 1938.
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Location Info

1917 W 24th St
Kearney, NE 68849

Coordinates: 40.700263, -99.107296

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  1. For a homework we have to write about Roosevelt projects that are closer to our home I live near Atwater CA. Where it was the Tuberculosis Hosp[ital located, because on the heading said Kearney NE. but on the map is located in Atwater CA. Which is the real location?

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