Tri-County Hospital (demolished) – Orangeburg SC


The federal Public Works Administration supplied “a loan of $120,000 to be repaid over 30 years, as well as an outright grant of $108,900” to Orangeburg for the construction of what was then known as the Tri-County Hospital. Construction occurred between 1936 and 1937. The building has since been demolished.

When the ‘old hospital’ was new,
“On Wednesday, Jan. 15,1936, a simple, but impressive, groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new hospital on Carolina Avenue. … This new facility was to be three stories high, have a capacity of 125 beds, and face north on the corner of Carolina Avenue and Summers Avenue in the Livingston Terrace Subdivision of the community, a largely undeveloped area at the time. The winning bid for the contract for the basic building without equipment and furnishings was $171,300 by W.A. Crary & Son, a contractor from Columbia. … By May the first story was up, with the second floor following in June, and the third floor in August. After that the interior work commenced to take place.

The grand opening for the public to tour the brand new Tri-County Hospital was held on Sunday, August 15,1937. … August 17,1937, marked the beginning of a new era in Orangeburg when the first patients were transferred to this gleaming new facility.”

(PWA Docket No. SC [W]1036)

Source notes

National Archives: Record Group 135: Public Works Administration; Projects Control Division; Entry 52: Indices to Non-Federal Projects; Report No. 5: Status of All Completed Non-Federal Allotted Projects, page 112.

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on November 15, 2014.

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Location Info

Carolina Ave. and Summers Ave.
Orangeburg, SC

Coordinates: 33.501504, -80.867583

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