Treasure Island – Golden Gate International Exposition – San Francisco CA


Below is the first official photo view of the Golden Gate International Exhibition a few years prior to its opening in 1939. And apparently based on the photo is the original WPA, 9′ x 6′ oil on canvas mural. Artist unknown.

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Avenue of the Palms
San Francisco, CA 94130

Location notes: Treasure Island
A WPA allocation of several million dollars funded the reclamation of the exposition site at Yerba Buena Shoal. A PWA program included construction of an administration building, ferry slips, two airplane hangars, an airport terminal building, a ferry terminal, five large exhibition buildings and paving of the site. 45% of the approximately 4 million dollars to accomplish this program came from the PWA, and the Exposition Company contributed 55%. (The Architect and Engineer. May 1936.) More Treasure Island Archive Photos available at

Coordinates: 37.821400, -122.375000

2 comments on “Treasure Island – Golden Gate International Exposition – San Francisco CA

  1. Greg Campbell

    The photo at the top of this page with the caption of “Treasure Island Airport” apparently had the negative reversed for the photo. If you “flip” just the image of the scanned photo from Left to Right – the correct orientation of the harbor is shown. If you flip the entire scanned image – then the text would also be reversed. So… the scan is correct, but just the photo that they scanned was reversed. The cities & hills in the background should include Richmond CA, El Cerrito CA, and Berkeley CA. This view is essentially looking towards the NE and San Francisco was behind the photographer.

  2. The “artist unknown” in that “first official painting” of the GGIE might be Ernest Born. Itlooks like his style–he did a similarly styled painting or drawing of the airport buildings. Did he do any WPA work?

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