Toy Workshop – Centralia WA


A WPA press release reported a WPA toy workshop project in Centralia, Washington in Dec. 1937:

“Old Kris Kringle is getting some valuable help in Centralia. where a staff of 15 women are busy making new toys and repairing old ones for childproof of needy families in Lewis County. Don G. Abel, State Works Progress administrator announced yesterday that $1,652 in WPA funds have been allotted for the work which will be carried on through the holiday season.

The State Department of Social Security, as official sponsor of the project, has provided supervision quarters, lights, heat, water and telephone. Things oro humming in this busy “Santa Claus workshop” at 208 North Pearl Street, with the aid of community donated cloth, wood, stuffing, paint and varnish. Dolls that need a bit of plastic surgery to bring back their pleasant smiles are being made into gifts to delight young feminine hearts, while battered toy trucks, drums end countless trinkets are getting spruced up for happy new owners.

An efficient Community Council, representing various Centralia clubs end civic organizations is providing helpful cooperation to make this unique WPA project a success.

Abel states it is the first WPA project of its kind to operate in Washington this season, end was set up to provide needed employment to women who show special skill in the work, many of whom have had previous experience in toy-making.”


Source notes

WPA Press Release [#353], Dec. 17, 1937, [page 53]:

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on October 28, 2014.

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Location Info

208 North Pearl St.
Centralia, WA 98531

Coordinates: 46.717785, -122.954949

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