Town Hall and Fire Station – Bowie MD


This PWA building was used as a fire station until the 1960s, when Company 19 moved into a new fire station on the same block. The original building still seems to be standing next door to the new station, and may be what is now the Olde Friends Antique Show.

According to the Bowie Fire Department’s history page: “In 1936, after much discussion, site searching and deliberating, Mr. Isaac Kimmel sold his vegetable garden plot on 9th Street, adjoining his store to the Fire Department for $700.00. Again progress and plans were under way to get financing for the construction of a new building…

It was through the efforts of the officers and men of the department, the Town Commissioners of Bowie and the Bowie Improvement Association that plans went forward to get partial federal funding for the construction of a combination Fire House and Town Hall. As a result PWA Project Number MD 1152F was established during 1938. Matching local funds were acquired from the Bowie Improvement Association and a loan from the Bank of Bowie. Specifications were developed and drawn at no cost by Mr. Spencer W. Phelps, a Bowie resident.

After many changes in basic design to comply with money limitations, a contract was signed for $6,000.00 with the A.D. Riden Company of Patuxent and construction started in December 1938. The building was completed and dedicated on May 14, 1939.

From early 1967 discussions developed concerning either extensive remodeling or redesigning or complete replacement of Company 19. After evaluation of the building and limited ground space, it was determined to construct a new building.”


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Location Info

13006 9th St.
Bowie, MD 20720

Coordinates: 39.008476, -76.781428

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