Sunset and Glendale Boulevard Viaduct – Los Angeles CA


The  New Deal Federal Public Works program contributed to the construction of this Los Angeles viaduct. In June 1934, California Highway and Public Works magazine reported the following:

“A concrete viaduct that replaced a dilapidated 29 year old wooden and steel bridge. Difficulties were encountered due to construction taking place without interfering with the heavy traffic by vehicle and Pacific Electric trolley on Sunset in particular. In addition to the traffic interference, there were pole lines carrying a maze of trolleys cables and wires. There were conduits, sewers and gas lines. All of this service had to be maintained. The temporary relocation and shifting of these lines of public utilities so that they will not interfere with construction work required considerable study, work and expense. Nearby buildings had to be pinned and supported while excavation occurred. The structure was financed from Federal aid funds. At times there have been over one hundred men daily employed on construction work. Mr. Paul Watson, representing the State, is supervising the work of construction. The
cost of the project will be approximately $130,000.
To install the huge bridge has involved 6000 yards of excavation. Into this makeup goes 3796 yards of different classes of concrete and 808,000 pounds of reinforcing steel. It calls for 730 tons of asphaltic concrete paving and 11,560 linear feet of reinforced concrete.”

Source notes

June 1934 issue of California Highway & Public Works

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on October 17, 2014.

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Location Info

Los Angeles, CA 90026

Location notes: 34.078096,-118.260509

Coordinates: 34.078096, -118.260509

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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