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Federal Emergency Relief Administration crews built parking for Summit Park in Bangor ME.

Excerpt from Bangor Daily News:

“ERA Workers Building Parking Space Near Old Water Standpipe”

“One of the new ERA projects now under way in Bangor is a large parking place being constructed at Summit Park. Those who have driven to the standpipe during summer nights for a view of the city, have found it impossible to get a good parking place, and it is believed that the new graveled area will be one of great convenience to those who wish to view the surrounding country from the top of Thomas Hill.

At the present time, a total of 117 men and women are engaged in work on various ERA projects in Bangor.”

The standpipe, which holds 1,500,000 gallons of water, is a riveted wrought iron tank with a wood frame jacket located on Thomas Hill in Bangor. The metal standpipe consists of steel plates riveted one outside the other, and stands 50 feet high and 75 feet in diameter. The wooden building that encloses it is 85 feet in diameter and 110 feet high. The 24 12”x12” main posts, which extend up past the open promenade deck, begin at the base of the structure and are 48 feet long.

The Thomas Hill Standpipe is a National Historic Landmark (Register of Historic Places and the Maine Historic Preservation Commission). It is also designated an American Water Landmark (American Water Works Association, and a civil engineering landmark (American Society of Civil Engineers).

Source notes

Bangor Daily News, December 1, 1934.

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on January 13, 2022.

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Location Info

Thomas Hill Rd
Bangor, me 04401

Coordinates: 44.80692, -68.78291

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