Storm and Sewer Improvements – Morris Plains NJ


“Completion of the third of a series of WPA projects in Morris Plains was announced today by District Director J. Francis Moroney. The third project consisted of the construction of 220 feet of 24-inch storm sewer on Canfield place and Dayton road, and 50 feet of 12-inch sewer, connecting with two catch basins, needed to carry off surface water, before permanent improvements of curbing and paving could be undertaken. Plans have been made for these improvements for the past three years, but work has been delayed due to lack of funds for drainage work. The project employed an average of 13 men….Another recently completed project in Morris Plains was the trimming of trees in various portions of the borough where dead limbs and overhanging branches endangered the travelling public and private property. This project covered approximately seven and one-half miles of borough streets. Sponsors contributed $113.75. Federal funds totalled $3,368. Twelve men were employed on the project. Another project covered a storm sewer extension from the trunk line built under WPA and consisted of 290 feet of 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe on School street, which connected with 117 feet of 15-inch pipe on Lakeside avenue and provided for 75 feet of 12-inch pipe to take off the surface flow collected in catch basins on Lakeside avenue. The completed project provided proper drainage for Lakeside avenue, whereas, in the past, surface water has been uncared for. The pipe on School street was laid in a trench of unusual depth in order to meet with the trunk line built by the PWA.” (Oct. 31, 1936)

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Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on April 22, 2014.

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Location Info

Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Location notes: General marker for city of Morris Plains.

Coordinates: 40.8361111, -74.48138890000001

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