Staten Island Ferry Boats – Staten Island NY


The federal Public Works Administration (PWA) financed part of the construction of ferry boats for the Staten island Ferry, to the tune of $1,397,500. The first boat, “Gold Star Mother,” was dedicated by Mayor La Guardia on May 7, 1937.

The project was unusual, as The New York Times reported: the “United States Attorney General had construed a ferryboat as a building in order to make the PWA loan possible.”

PWA Docket No. NY 1085-R.

Source notes

National Archives Record Group 135-SAR:
Prints: Photographs rejected for use in the Photographic Report to the President:
“Survey of the Architecture of Completed Projects of the PWA, 1939”;
Box 14: New York State; Folder 26: Miscellaneous.

The New York Times: "MAYOR DEDICATES A NEW FERRYBOAT," May 8, 1937 (pg. 8)

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Additional contributions by Frank da Cruz.

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Location Info

Staten Island, NY

Coordinates: 40.644393, -74.071705

3 comments on “Staten Island Ferry Boats – Staten Island NY

  1. According to C.W. Short (p.600), the three Staten Island Ferries built with PWA money in 1937-38 were the Gold Star Mother, the Miss New York, and the Mary Murray.

  2. I remember almost all these projects . I lived in 2 of them ,Marine Hospital and Quarantine Station Quarters. .It was a source of work for the many unemployed people on Staten Island .Welcome, but still scoffed at by any who were fortunate enough to be employed in Depression time.Have photos .

  3. Katherine Lappe

    I would love to hear your stories and see your pictures as I’m researching an abandoned ferry that I ventured to in November 1996 that was moored half sunken behind an old abandoned warehouse.
    Please respond as soon as you can. I realize the date of this post is 2018, but I’m looking for answers to solve my 25 year long mystery.
    Thanks for your interest.

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