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St. Thomas was one of six public housing projects constructed under the Housing Act of 1937. It was constructed 1938-1941 and contained 920 units of two or three story brick buildings. The architect’s rendering for the St. Thomas Street project was “planned to provide maximum light, space and air; buildings about a central court, with cool porches” (Slum Clearance, 1938, p. 68). The housing authority began demolition and redevelopment in the late 1990s, but five or the original buildings were saved “for historical purposes” (St. Thomas Development Neighborhood). The buildings are on the corner of Felicity and St. Thomas streets along the 1800 block of St. Thomas and were renovated along with the new housing construction. Original boundaries were St. Thomas Street, Felicity Street, Josephine Street and a service alley between Constance and Laurel streets.

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Location Info

St. Thomas and Felicity Streets
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Coordinates: 29.9299138, -90.07070670000002

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