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Federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds enabled the construction of the elementary school in Sinclair, Wyoming during the 1930s. The school continues to function in that role today. PWA photos at the National Archives actually deem this project the Parco school, Parco being the old name for Sinclair. The original owner of this project was listed as being Sweetwater County School District #3, though Sinclair is actually in Carbon County.

C.W. Short and R. Stanley-Brown write about the PWA school: “The new building replaced a leased 4-room dilapidated wooden structure and two apartments rented for classrooms in an apartment building.

It provides eight classrooms and a centrally locate combination playroom-auditorium with clerestory windows.

The construction is semifireproof, the walls being brick and the roof wood covered with Spanish tile. The exterior walls are faced with two colors of brick, the darker shade being used for a base and trim around the entrance and certain windows.

It was completed in December 1936 at a construction cost of $46,722 and a project cost of $50,913.”

The project was PWA Docket No. WY 1018-R.

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

Source notes

C.W. Short and R. Stanley-Brown. "Public Buildings: A Survey of Architecture of Projects Constructed by Federal and Other Governmental Bodies Between the Years 1933 and 1939 with the Assistance of the Public Works Administration." (1939).

National Archives Record Group 135-SAR:
Prints: Photographs rejected for use in the Photographic Report to the President: “Survey of the Architecture of Completed Projects of the PWA, 1939”;
Box 23; Wyoming; Folder 1: Schools.

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Location Info

9th St.
Sinclair, WY 82334

Coordinates: 41.781465, -107.120707

6 comments on “Elementary School – Sinclair WY

  1. Gerald Stipe

    My entire family attended the parco school as well my three boy’s…. It is a wonderful building

  2. Beverly C Howard

    Is this the same building which was later used as the library (on right front side) and for Sunday School by the Community Church (on left front side), as well as the Campfire Girls meeting in a room more to the rear? That would have been in the 1940’s.

    • Gabriel Milner

      Does anyone out there know the answer to the question?

    • Terri Schultz

      No, it is not the same building. The building that has housed the library is located on Lincoln Avenue between 6th & 7th. The newer elementary school was located on 9th street. Sadly, it was closed in 2016 by the school district because of budget issues.

  3. Carol Smith

    No the Library building is on the same street as the Rec Center. School is on 9th Street

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