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Lewiston took full advantage of New Deal funds to get much work accomplished during the years of the economic depression. One of these federally funded projects was the upgrade of the sewer system.

During the hard winter of 1933/34, “Sewer pipes are now being laid on Castle, Dill, Eustis and Foch St. Sewer pipes on Glenwood St., Boston Ave. and at Barkerville are soon to be laid.”

1934 Mayors Report: E. R. A.
“Please let me enumerate some of the most important projects completed during this last year under the E. R. A. All proposed projects on sewerage have been accomplished to the extent of over 5 1/2 miles and nearly as much for water lines; ”

DECEMBER 1st 1933 TO FEBRUARY 28th 1935
1. Jepson Brook Sewer System. Sabattus Road, from Thorne’s Corner to Russell St., from Thorne’s Corner to Garcelon Field, across Sabattus, East Ave., College and Main streets to a point beyond the Main Central Railroad tracks. 12,539 feet of sewer pipes, ranging from 10 in. to 48 in.
2. Laying of sewers on the following streets: Avalon, Huckins, Goft Beckett, Dill, Eustis, Foch, Glenwood, Franklin, Boston Ave., and Upper Main St.”

1937 town report: “Superintendent of Streets: A large number of basins have been built the past few years by the C.W.A. and W.P.A.”
W. P. A. Sewers
“The following sewers were put in by the W.P.A., supervision, tools, equipment and material are furnished through the Highway Department. Franklin Pasture from Gully sewer to East Avenue, 1,728 feet of 20 inch clay pipe, 3 manholes. East Avenue from Pleasant street to Burbank street, 380 feet of 15 inch clay pipe, 1,169 feet of 18 inch clay pipe, 4 manholes. Pleasant street, extended from Pasture sewer to Pleasant street, 220 feet 12 inch pipe, 112 feet 10 inch pipe from manhole towards Androscoggin avenue, 1 manhole. Bartlett street, 100 feet 24 inch clay pipe. Sabattus, from Wood street to Nichols street, 374 feet 18 inch clay pipe, 1 manhole. Nichols street from Sabattus street, to 500 feet past Vale street, 706 feet 18 inch clay pipe; 472 feet 18 inch reinforced concrete pipe; 506 feet 15 inch reinforced concrete pipe; 4 manholes, 3 catch basins. Canal alley between Maple street and Cedar street, 538 feet 10 inch clay pipe, 1 catch basin. Willow and Park from Lisbon street to Park street, on Willow and from Willow to Maple street on Park street, 800 feet 20 inch clay pipe, 2 manholes. On Park street from Birch street towards Maple street, 200 feet 1 inch clay pipe, 1 manhole. Scribner boulevard from Lisbon street towards Pleasant street, 450 feet 12 inch clay pipe, 1 manhole, 911 feet 12 inch reinforced concrete under construction.”
Accountants Report: “W. P. A., sewer and sewing project $23,991.82”
March 1938 to 1939
Federal Agencies
Work accomplished under the Works Progress Administration:
Sewers were installed on Perley, Cottage, Little. Googan, Wellman, Grove streets; Bearce avenue and Pond road. Work also has been started on an intercepting sewer from the Androscoggin river across private land and along Whipple street to Spring street.

1939 Public Works Department: Six sewer extensions varying from 160 to 560 feet were installed, more sizable jobs being handled through WPA.
Under WPA, a 1,400 foot 18 inch sewer to relieve conditions resulting from storms was constructed in the Whipple street area and a 400 foot sewer on Wellman street. Water mains totaling 8,559 were installed on the following streets: Highland Spring road, Little, Googin, Orchard, Summit, Jones avenue, Lucille avenue, Thorne avenue and Scribner boulevard.
Highway construction included 7,500 feet on Grove street, where 3,800 feet of sewer pipe was laid and 22 catch basins and eight manholes constructed.

Source notes

Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenses of the City of Lewiston, Maine

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on October 25, 2017.

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