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The Selke Field Stone Wall was built in 1937 and was funded by the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A) during the Great Depression. Chris Tessari, the construction crew foreman, and Harry Phinney, the W.P.A representative, both played a large role in the erection of the wall. By 1946, the field was officially renamed Selke Field, after George A. Selke, a 1913 graduate and former President of St. Cloud State University (1927-1947).
The granite used to build the wall was quarried out of St. Cloud State’s nearby quarries. The 3,510-foot wall’s estimated cost was $40,000-$50,000. With inflation calculated in, today’s (2020) cost would be $716,986-$896,232.
The 17-acre field was used by the college for many athletic events including the college’s football season opener (Sept. 25, 1937) against Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and the 1937 Homecoming celebration. It originally included a quarter-mile track, a football field, three softball diamonds, four tennis courts, and several other spaces for a variety of athletic activities and recreational programs.
Beginning in 1947, the northern part of the field was used to house veterans that were enrolled at the college. It eventually house married St. Cloud State students until 1968.
Today, Selke Field is currently used by St. Cloud State University students for intramural sports such as lacrosse, rugby, and Ultimate Frisbee club teams. The field is also the home of the Husky Softball Team and the practice field for the Husky Baseball Team. However, the field is also home for the Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (CMYSA) travel and recreational teams.

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Location Info

Selke Field, St Cloud, MN 56304
St. Cloud, Minnesota 56304

Coordinates: 45.5501812, -94.1374529

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