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Utica High School was completed 1939 as part of Public Works Administration (PWA) project W1183 to construct new buildings and improvements for five Hinds County schools. A bond election for Utica was held October 29 and $27,000 were approved for issue to supplement the PWA funding to construct a new building and complete alterations on the old school. The total for all five projects was $337,746 with PWA contributing a loan of $151,986. The project was approved 6/22/1938, bids advertised in October, and the project completed 12/4/1939. The building was opened for dedication November 16, 1939. The Clarion-Ledger reported a grant of $176,314 was also allotted but this does not appear in the Region No. 3 PWA report. The architect was Edgar Lucian Malvaney and the builder/contractor was Flint-Jordan Construction Company. The two-story brick building is extant, but was closed in 2018 when a new building was constructed.

Source notes

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Location Info

112 Carpenter Street
Utica, Mississippi 39175

Coordinates: 32.107847, -90.627741

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