School Improvements – Ashland ME


The town report for 1935 reported:

“Mrs. Stevens has been very helpful in securing projects for the schools. If it hadn’t been for the financial aid given the town by these projects we wouldn’t have been able to have made so many extensive repairs.

With the help of the C. W. A. lumber that the town had we have put a double roof on the Central Building/ The labor for the most part was labor that worked out back taxes. The double roof has prevented the snow from melting and backing up under the shingles. During the summer it was thought best to paint the building while we had the building staged. We would never be able to do it as cheaply again. The building was given two coats of paint. The labor was furnished by the E. R. A. and the town furnished the materials. In December we had a project approved for painting the building inside and building a stairway from the third floor to the second floor. This additional stairway provides for another exit from the third floor of the building. Mr. Lyseth when he inspected the building made a recommendation for the building of this stairway. This project came to a close and the work wasn’t completed. We received a continuation of the project and we will have it completed some time in March.”

Source notes

Annual Report of the Selectmen, Treasurer Assessors and Other Officers of the Town of Ashland For the Municipal Year Ending March 1, 1935

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on May 31, 2014.

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Location Info

Ashland, ME 04732

Location notes: General marker for the town of Ashland.

Coordinates: 46.6505556, -68.3883333

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