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School building erected in 1939 in East Bernard, Texas. The structure is still used today. It includes beautiful wood floors and doors. A gym which includes fixed wood bleechers, wood floor, & a stage on one end. Band concerts and plays were held on the stage. Plays are still performed there.

Source notes

A plaque on the wall in the foyer states:  Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works.  /  Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States.  / Harold L. Ickes, Administrator of Public Works  /  East Bernard School  /  1939

Project originally submitted by Rosie Balusek on May 1, 2014.

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Location Info

727 Fitzgerald Street
East Bernard, Texas 77435

Coordinates: 29.5272178, -96.0647267

3 comments on “School Building – East Bernard TX

  1. What a shame it would be to tear down this lovely building which is still be using as it was originally intended! The current administration wants to now destroy this piece of history. This building should continue to proudly stand as a reminder of our American history.

  2. Paulette Britton

    This school is legendary and historical. No doubt it needs updating due to technology needs. But it can be done without tearing the place down. The families who have historical roots need to get behind this – Save and renovate. Not tear down.

  3. Barbara ZBRANEK

    I am so happy this school finally is getting the recognition it so rightly deserves. I am almost 77 years old and started the first grade in the last room on the west side of this building and spent my high school years on the east side of this building. I graduated in 1955 and have a picture of our class on the stage in the gym receiving our diplomas. All of our band concerts were held in this gym as well as all plays. I only have good memories of this building. We will fight to save this building because it is one of the few historic buildings in East Bernard!!

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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