Post Office Murals – Safford AZ


This post office contains six tempera murals painted in 1942 by Seymour Fogel. Fogel painted these as the winner of one of the 48-State Competition Post Office murals.

“In 1939, for example, Seymour Fogel sketched an elegant scene of Southwest Indian dancers for a post office mural in Stafford, Arizona. Local Anglos harboring resentful memories of Apache raids, however, deemed Fogel’s design an “abomination,” and the artist substituted a stereotypical picture of wagon trains and pioneers.”

Source notes

"The New Deal: A 75th Anniversary Celebration." Kathryn Flynn with Richard Polese.
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504 S. 5th Ave.
Safford, AZ 85546

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Coordinates: 32.834047, -109.712932

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  1. Whoa Nellie! I’ve admired the murals at the Safford Post Office all my life. I wasn’t aware of the history about the artist having to change his subject matter and remove the Apache Indian dancers. Interesting.

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