Roxbury Central School – Roxbury NY


“The last structure built in the Main Street Historic District, the Roxbury Central School, is architecturally and historically significant as a Tudor Revival style building that symbolizes the period of centralization in the development of the New York educational system. The facility is an outstanding local landmark in Roxbury and was designed by the locally prominent Albany architect Harold O. Fullerton. Built as a Public Works Administration project between 1939 and 1940, the building eventually replaced eight one-room rural school houses. Architecturally, the Roxbury school design reflects the desire of the village to continue the aesthetic preferences of the Gould family and was chosen to harmonize with the monumental Gothic style church, one block away, which the Gould family built in 1892.”

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Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on October 6, 2013.

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Location Info

53729 State Highway 30
Roxbury, NY 12474

Coordinates: 42.286554, -74.564124

2 comments on “Roxbury Central School – Roxbury NY

  1. David or joan Mullikin

    I am looking for anyone who can give me information on relatives of a teacher by the name of G.Whitney who taught at the school in 1939. I have a gentalmen who is in his 90’s that was her student and would like to make contact with him. PLEASE CONTACT me and I will give him your information. Thanks in advance. Joan

  2. Jean Giuliante

    We are looking for information on the one room school house in Vega – Any help would be appreciated.


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