Rosebank Quarantine Station (former) Expansion – Staten Island NY


The former Rosebank Quarantine Station in Staten Island, New York was expanded during the F.D.R. era. “Building 1,” and “Building 3,” each completed in 1935, were constructed by Caye Construction Co. In 1939 additional work was completed: an addition to the “Junior Medical Quarters” / “Building B,” and “M. O. C. Residence” / “Building C”.

The facility occupied a sizable section of shorefront property east of Bay Street. Most of the New Deal-era / Quarantine facilities are no longer extant.

“For about a century, beginning in 1873, Rosebank was once home to a Quarantine Hospital.  The facility was located on Bay Street and Nautilus Street and was turned over to the United States Government in 1921.  At this time, it became known as the United States Public Health Service Quarantine Station.  In 1971, the Quarantine Hospital was evacuated.  After that, the Coast Guard took over to use it as housing.”

Source notes

National Archives: Record Group 121-BS: Records of the Public Buildings Service: Completion views of federal buildings (prints) alphabetically by state and thereunder by city, to 1966; Box 63.

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on August 5, 2017.

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Location Info

Anchor Pl. and Search Ln.
Staten Island, NY

Coordinates: 40.612413, -74.061101

4 comments on “Rosebank Quarantine Station (former) Expansion – Staten Island NY

  1. Captain Michael Day

    I currently reside in Rosebank M.O.C. Residence (‘Building C’) as the Commander of the Coast Guard on Staten Island. I was curious if there were other pictures in the Archives of the M.O.C. Residence? I would like to get a copy of them and build a binder to leave with the home for the next occupants with it’s history. Thanks

  2. Hello Captain Day. Great residence and great view of the narrows, Manhattan, and NY Harbor. I’m a retired Marine Corps Colonel living in Northern Virginia. My Dad was the Administrative Officer of the U. S. Quarantine 1952-1961 and we lived in Qtrs 5 below your residence. A busy place in those days with Immigration/Disease Prevention Officers launching in USPHS tugs like the W. H. Welch to inspect ships entering NY harbor. Great place for a kid to grow-up, many playmates and things to do. Do not personally own any images of your government quarters but have seen some historical views on various sites. Good luck in your quest.

  3. Debra Campbell

    I was born on Staten Island in 1955…my father was a public health officer.

  4. Jane Tursi

    I worked at the Package Store Building 10 and would love to see pictures of the property.

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