Rock Creek Park: Road Work – Washington DC


The New Deal provided funding and labor for road improvements in Rock Creek Park. 

The primary Depression-era addition to the parks road system was the long-contemplated construction of a direct connection between Bingham Drive and Daniel Road (Davis 1996, p. 94).  This project was undertaken in 1934-1935 by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers. A newspaper report notes that the CCC work in the park included, “Bingham Drive extended to make new entrance to park” (Daily News 1936)

Contemporary photographic evidence suggests that the new section of Bingham Drive was constructed with a bituminous macadam pavement and that hand labor was used to smooth the road banks in classic park road fashion (Davis 1996, p 94).

The CCC also built the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway overpass and worked on a section of Beach Drive (HABS DC-858). Work relief crews also conducted slope stabilization and rounding work along the margins of Klingle Road where it passed through the park on the west side of Rock Creek valley – these, too, were probably CCC (Davis 1996, p. 94).

Additionally, Works Progress Administration (WPA) crews improved the road entrances to Rock Creek Park and built the Piney Branch Parkway.  They also extended Seventeenth Street from Oak Street to Piney Branch Parkway and landscaped around those roads (National Archives).



Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Richard A Walker on January 20, 2020.
Additional contributions by Brent McKee.

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Location Info

Rock Creek Park
Washington, DC 20011

Coordinates: 38.9701, -77.0480

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