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Only 1933 and 1934 town reports were available, but a significant amount of relief work was documented during the dark days of the depression.

1933: On Dec. 1st C. W. A. projects absorbed a part of the unemployment relief men, and continued with a quota of 147 until March, when weekly reductions were put into effect by the Federal Government. The severe winter handicapped these operations to a great extent, but what was accomplished was at comparatively small cost, for material on some projects. It is unfortunate that this opportunity could not have come at a time of year when work could be done at less cost with proportionately greater results.

Under the National Industrial Recovery Act the sum of $23,690.87 was made available to the City for the construction of High Street, a part of Route 1, and the contract for his work was let by the State Highway Commission to Warren Brothers Roads Company for Warrenite Bitulithic pavement from Main street south, as far as the money will permit. The work was started late in September, but was held up by weather conditions December 1st. It is expected that it will be completed by June 1st, 1934.

1934: RELIEF – Foremost among the permanent improvements accomplished with E. R. A. labor is the Dog Island Bridge, built without direct cost to the city, hot asphalt sidewalk was built, ditches were paved with cobble stones, and all trees on city streets were trimmed and repaired.
HIGHWAYS – With Federal funds the paving with Warrenite on High Street from Main to the Blaisdell house was completed in June.

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Municipal Activities - City of Belfast, Maine

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236 Lincolnville Ave.
Belfast, ME 04915

Coordinates: 44.403883, -69.031036

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