Reverchon Park – Dallas TX


The WPA did extensive work in this Dallas park as part of “an extensive parks beautification program intended to make the city a showplace. For Reverchon, this meant the introduction of a series of stoneworks, including the floral amphitheater known as the Iris Bowl, a fountain entry and a picturesque bridge over Turtle Creek.

The masterstroke of the project was Hillside Terrace, a trail network of meandering stone stairwells, lookouts and seating spaces that cling to the park’s bluff, providing shade, privacy and views. The paths and their furniture are all constructed of rough-cut Milsap stone that runs a spectrum from sandy yellow to deep honey.”   (

The WPA stonework has recently been restored and celebrated.

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Project originally submitted by Barbara Bernstein on October 12, 2013.

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Location Info

Reverchon Park
Dallas, TX 75201

Coordinates: 32.800163, -96.81299439999998

One comment on “Reverchon Park – Dallas TX

  1. When I first moved to Dallas over ten years ago, Riverchon Park was in a total state of disrepair and the WPA stone works were not even visible due to being covered in weeds, vines, trees, etc. However, just recently a major restoration was completed including a new covered children’s play area and the park is now connected to the Katey Trail. Today the park is absolutely beautiful with the grandeur of the WPA stonework accented with beautiful landscape along Turtle Creek. I love going to the park, as do so many others. This is truly a treasure of Dallas.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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