Relief Work – Orrington ME


The 1933 – 1934 town report mentions an Emergency C.W.A. project costing the town $173.22 as their share and 4 men employed which was probably a road project.
The school superintendent reported that “Several of the unweight [sic] children are receiving a half pint of milk daily from funds received from the C. W. A. This seems to be one of the most worthy projects and a great deal of credit is due the authorities, who have made these funds available.”

The 1934 – 1935 town report mentions Emergency C.W.A. Work costing the town $19.73 and employing 2 people.
The School Superintendent reported that “The building at East Orrington was painted on the outside. The labor on both buildings was furnished by the F. E. R. A. at no direct expense to the town. The buildings, with the exception of the one at Goodale’s Corner are in excellent condition.”

The 1936 – 1937 town report mentions “W. P. A. expended on South Orrington Bridge, $1,564.11.”

Under Summary – Highways
Expended By Works Progress Administration $2,627.81

Report of White Pine Blister Rust Control
The following is a report of white pine blister rust control work
conducted in the Town of Orrington in 1936.
Number of men employed 16
Number of acres of land eradicated 4.731
Number of currant and gooseberry bushes removed 272,897
Number of man hours worked by the crews 5,417
Cost of Eradication work to the Federal Government $2,615.00
All funds for this work were furnished by the Works Progress
Blister rust was prevalent in all areas worked. This was due to the large number of currant and gooseberry bushes found within infecting distance from the pine. Blister rust is a real menace, and must not be taken lightly. Infection conditions on unprotected areas are increasing. Many pine lots show infection that will mean severe losses. Other pine lots appear healthy to the inexperienced eye but we know from experience that the disease is present and will rapidly become worse if not given control measures. We look forward to continuing the work another season. As usual the State will add 50 per cent to any amount appropriated by the Town, Very truly yours, H. G, BRADBURY, ,JR” Chief Scientific Aid, Plant Disease Control.

The 1937 to 1938 Town report said that the White Pine Blister Rust Control effort continued.

Source notes

Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Orrington Maine

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Location Info

Orrington, ME 04474

Location notes: General location marker for Orrington

Coordinates: 44.731, -68.826

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