Red Ives Ranger Station – Avery ID


The CCC built much of the road from Avery to Red Ives Ranger Station as well as the Red Ives compound itself. The work was completed in 1938.

Source notes

Idaho State Historic Preservation Office

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Location Info

St. Joe National Forest
Avery, ID

Location notes: Location market is approximate. Directions from Avery: Follow paved Forest Highway 50 (St. Joe River Road) 29 miles east. Turn right (south) on Red Ives Road #218 and travel 10 miles to the Red Ives Ranger Station. The Red Ives Road is a narrow one-lane road with turn-outs.

Coordinates: 47.151085, -115.408559

3 comments on “Red Ives Ranger Station – Avery ID

  1. Russell Burns

    I worked on Conrad Peak in the summer of 1966. As I recall, the Whistling Creek fire, on August 1 was the largest of the six fires I sighted that summer. It was caused by the friction of a metal cable on a log as another log was being hauled to a waiting logging truck. It was a pretty big fire in that region that summer and the Forest Service sent at least 300 men to put it out. The remaining fires I identified were started by lightning strikes. Each of these was dealt with by smoke jumpers dropped from a Ford Tri-Motor aircraft. It was a very good summer I left the tower with good memories. I have some pictures from that summer if you are interested in having a copy of them.

  2. Bill Mathis

    In summer 1950 I worked for ranger Charlie Scribner at Red Ives station. One of the finest times of my life. Lived 2 months in an old CCC barracks, a couple of weeks at Elk Prairie cabin, the last 3 weeks manning a lookout on Peggy Peak.. All traces of the FS lookouts are pretty much gone now, as is passenger service on the Milwaukee Road that I travelled to Avery that summer. Spent one week maintaining the Red Ives cabin where Scribner and family resided most of the summer. Good times!

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