Queensbridge Houses – Long Island City NY


From the Works Progress Administration (WPA)’s New York City Guide (1939):

“Queensbridge Houses, north of Queensboro Bridge Plaza, between Vernon Boulevard and Twenty-first Street, is the fifth low-rent, government-financed housing project in the city since 1936. Twenty-six brick dwelling structures, six stories high with elevators, a community building, and a children’s center, all arranged around open polygonal courts, will cover less than one quarter of the projects 62.5 acres; the remaining land will be landscaped park and recreation space. When completed late in 1939, the 3,161 apartments will house approximately 11,400 people.” The building was constructed through the WPA under the guidance of Chief Architect William F. Ballard.

Source notes

WPA's New York City Guide, pp. 577-578: https://archive.org/stream/newyorkcityguide00federich#page/578/mode/2up

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Location Info

Long Island City
New York, NY

Coordinates: 40.744679, -73.948542

3 comments on “Queensbridge Houses – Long Island City NY

  1. Brian Gabriel

    The address/location of the dot on the map is wrong. This is located right north of Queensborough Bridge.

    • Gabriel Milner

      Thank you for pointing this out. We need a street address, though, to reposition the dot.

  2. Bill K.

    My Mother grew up there in those projects. She graduated high school and went to work at Macy’s as she was one of the first female Loss Prevention persons.
    She married my Dad when he got out of the Army from Germany and he joined the NYPD. They eventually moved out to the Island as far away as Suffolk into Bohemia when it was nearly all woods.
    Dad retired in ‘ 84 (from the 104th) in Glendale/Ridgewood & they moved to Phoenix, AZ as he passed away in 6/05. Mom is 82 & recently moved to NV to be with family. The cleanliness, the upkeep & kids playing into the night free from crime.
    Dad would occasionally come home with a story of a 10-13 that occurred on his beat.
    She told us stories of how strict the housing was and how great it was. Everyone was respectful and like family.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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