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The Commissioner’s court minutes of 1939 show that the Kendalia RCSD#14 was authorized to issue $2500.00 of school bonds to build a new school building. In 1940 the old frame school house was replace with a 3 room native rock school constructed by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) for $2500.00 and classes were held in the new building starting in the fall of 1940. The Kendalia Mother’s Club was responsible for the fund raising and construction of a small cafeteria that served the students of the new rock school building.

The new Kendalia school was a modern school building and over the next 8-10 years several smaller schools in the area (Curry Creek, Sheppard Creek) closed and sent their students to the Kendalia school location. The Kendalia school normally only taught up to 11 grades. Students then went to another large district (Blanco, Boerne) if they wanted to graduate with a high school diploma. The school also became crowded with students and as transportation and roads improved, parents wanted to send their children to larger schools closer to where they resided (Blanco, Boerne). In 1953-54 the decision was made to dissolve the Kendalia #14 school district. The eastern portion consolidated with Blanco and the western section consolidated with Boerne. Starting in the fall of 1954 only grades 1 -3 remained in Kendalia and the other older students were bussed to Blanco. This arrange continued until 1958 when the Kendalia school closed and all students were bussed to Blanco.

The Building and property were leased for 99 years (fee: $1.00?) to the Kendalia Community Club by the Blanco Independent School District. Finally in 2010 the title of the property was transferred to the Kendalia Community Club.

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2610 Ranch Rd 473
Kendalia, TX 78027

Coordinates: 29.969753, -98.521177

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