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From the Priest Lake vacation website: “The Priest Lake Museum is a great place to begin any visit to the lake and a fitting showplace to remind us of the numerous influences that created the special character of Priest Lake. The museum building was constructed in 191935 by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). It is a prime example of handcrafted oil-treated tamarack (larch) log construction. The building initially served as a residence and office for the first Ranger on what was then Kaniksu National Forest. The museum houses numerous articles and displays that depict the colorful history of the lake and the surrounding area.”

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Priest Lake website

Project originally submitted by Brent McKee on October 27, 2016.

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Location Info

38 Priest Lake Museum Road
Priest River, ID 83856

Coordinates: 48.541360, -116.926241

5 comments on “Priest Lake CCC Camp – Priest River ID

  1. Deborah DiPietro

    My dad would tell us stories of when he worked on the Priest River logging camp for the CCC. He was there in 1934 or 1935. That would put him around 16 yrs old. He hailed from Central NY, and would send money home to his mother.
    I can’t imagine how he must of felt being so far from home at such a young age. But then again it was a different time and different circumstances.

  2. Carol Ward

    My father, Joseph Barbato, was at Camp F-102, Kalispell Creek, Company 281. He was there in 1937-1938. He was born and lived in Syracuse, New York. My husband and I will be traveling to see the area where the camp was and visit the museum.

  3. John Uggen, Ph.D.

    I am looking for information on Camp 281 Kalispell Creek Camp and its members who might have
    been involved in the Ft. George Wright boxing team. In particular I am looking for information on
    Jimmy Allen (AKA Jimmy Tansy) from the Bronx, New York and Leo Romaniello, who were outstanding boxers on the CCC team coached by Kaley Sonner from Spokane.

  4. My father is Jimmy Allen (real name Tansy- enrolled with CCC papers belonging to Allen as Tansy was underage ) and Leo became godfather of my brother. My dad and Kaley coached AAU boxing from approx 1949-54. Then, Jimmy Tansy coached AAU with A Gonzaga alum – Jim Reilly – until 1960. Split with Reilly in 1962 but continued until late 1960s. One fighter – Toby Gibson – became captain of 1964 Olympic Team.

  5. Marcus A Rodriguez

    My dad was born in 1917 in Rio Grande P.R. arriving in Brooklyn in late 20s. He joined the CCCs was put on a train for 5 days. In Priest River from 34-35. Made $30.00 a month sent home $25.00. He did love boxing. The stories he would tell me. He could chop down a tree and have it hit an ant pile. I will be 60 this year he has been gone for 35 yrs. Bucket list is to visit this town one day.

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