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The Magnolia post office contains three murals by John H. Fyfe, completed and installed in 1939 at a cost of $1,120.00 (Enzweiler, 1993). Under the Treasury Department’s Section of Fine Arts program, Fyfe created “July 4th Celebration” also referred to as “July 4th Celebration at Sheriff Bacof’s” in other sources. The local committee commissioned two additional murals based on their satisfaction with the first piece of art. “Cotton Harvest” and “Magnolia, 1880” depicted the cotton industry of Pike County.

All three murals were restored in 1992 by Stewart-Treviranus Associates of McLean, Virginia. Fyfe also painted a mural fro the post office in Camden, Tennessee.

Source notes

Originally posted in the New Deal Art Registry:
Enzweiler, S. M. (1993). National Register of Historic Places nomination form for Magnolia, Mississippi post office.  
Mississippi Department of Archives & History, Historic Resources Inventory database.

Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on July 27, 2013.

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Location Info

205 Magnolia Street
Magnolia, MS 39652

Location notes: Lobby

Coordinates: 31.145155, -90.459447

4 comments on “Post Office Murals – Magnolia MS

  1. Ellen Fyfe Fabian

    I remember my father, John H Fyfe, used my bedroom as a studio when painting these murals. I still have some preliminary work done to be submitted for another mural in Vicksburg. There is one in Lafayette, LA, too. I would like more information you might have about the artist.
    Thank you,
    Ellen Fyfe Fabian

    • Ellen,
      Very glad to hear from you. I don’t have any further information on John Fyfe, but you should contact our associate Susan Allen at the University of Mississippi, who might. Her email is: [email protected].
      If you have more of a story to tell about your father and his work on New Deal murals, please submit something on our New Deal stories page!
      R. Walker

  2. Ellen Fyfe Fabian

    John H Fyfe did other work for the CCC and the New Deal. He went to locations where parks and camps were being built in Arkansas. As children we were lucky enough to go along with him. He spent days with the CCC men and did drawings and other illustrations as they worked. I particularly remember Devil’s Den State Park, MT. Nebo and Mt Pettie Jean. The drawings might be in the archives of the government museum in Washington DC. If you have more information please send to me.
    Thank you.
    Ellen Fyfe Fabian

    • Ellen, Just saw this second comment from you. You really should submit your story to our New Deal stories page.
      thanks, RW

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