Post Office Mural – Wrangell AK


The historic post office in Wrangell, Alaska houses an example of New Deal artwork: “Old Town in Alaska,” commissioned by the federal Treasury Section of Fine Arts.

Austin Mecklem and Marianne Appel (husband and wife) painted the Wrangell mural in 1943 in NY state. It was shipped via railway on Oct 19, 1943 and arrived in Wrangell AK early December 1943. A telegram dated October 20, 1943 stated the Mr. Arnold Prusi installed the mural the previous week.”

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112 Federal Way
Wrangell, AK 99929

Coordinates: 56.471724, -132.387121

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  1. I understand the difference in “Section” murals, WPA murals, TRAP MURALs, etc, and explained them in my first book about WPA. Many murals of the 30s, done by various authorities, were painted over, never hung, destroyed, etc. Of course it is sad, but good to read of those still in existence.

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