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The oil-on-canvas mural entitled “Cotton Pickers” was painted by Caroline Rohland in 1939.

“The mural was removed to the Postmaster’s office when the lobby was renovated in the 1970′s. He is glad to show it off.”

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116 West Magnolia Street
Bunkie, LA 71322

Location notes: Postmaster's office

Coordinates: 30.954015, -92.183904

2 comments on “Post Office Mural – Bunkie LA

  1. Travis Armand

    Anyone who can shed any light on “Cottonpickers,” or Caroline Rohland, please email me.

  2. Melinda Meister

    Caroline Speare Rohland (1885-1964) created “Cotton Pickers” in 1939. Most likely she was awarded the commission in an anonymous competition under what was known as “the Section,” a program run by the United States Treasury from 1934-1943. The objective of the Section was “to secure suitable art of the best quality for the embellishment of public buildings.” (New Deal for Art, Marlene Park and Gerald E. Markowitz, Gallery Assoc. of NY State, Hamilton, NY 1977) Born in Boston, Speare studied at the the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Students League in New York. She then joined the Woodstock Art Colony in Woodstock, New York, where she married fellow painter, Paul Rohland in 1919. The couple remained active members of the colony, but traveled in the United States, Europe and Mexico always seeking subjects for their art work, which they sold, primarily through exhibitions. Caroline Speare Rohland won and completed two other murals for the Section, one in Sylvania, GA in 1941 and the other in Fulton, New York in 1942. Her work is in several museum collections, most notably, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts. For more information, see AskArt and Wikipedia.

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