Main Post Office Murals – Bridgeport CT


This 1934 post office contains two sets of 3-panel murals, one by Arthur Covey and the other by Robert Lambdin. All were painted in 1936.

The Covey murals are entitled “Bridgeport Manufacturing.”

The Lambdin murals entitled “Stagecoach and Modern Transportation” show: “powerful images of an important part of American historythat is, the transportation of mail. A stagecoach was depicted on one panel to show the early days of mail transportvia horses and wagons. Another panel showed the work inside the post office, with men carrying bags loaded down with huge deliveries. By the 1936, the idea of planes transporting mail was now a reality, so the mural showed that aspect of mail deliver history.”

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120 Middle St.
Bridgeport, CT 06602

Location notes:

Coordinates: 41.180007, -73.188784

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