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This Section of Fine Arts mural entitled “The Letter Box” was painted in 1938 by Anne Goldthwaite. Goldthwaite, a Montgomery artist, used the suggested Section theme of postal history for both of her Alabama murals, this one and her panel in Tuskegee. In this panel she shows a group of rural children eagerly gathering to await the daily mail delivery.

(Alabama Moments)

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Location Info

114 N. Main Street
Atmore, AL 36502

Location notes: Lobby

Coordinates: 31.025729, -87.493737

2 comments on “Post Office Mural – Atmore AL

  1. Wyn Thorington

    As a descendant of Anne Goldthwaite, I received the painting, “The Letter Box”, following my father’s passing (Robert D. Thorington, Montgomery). What is the information on this painting? I would appreciate any facts you may have.
    Thanks, W.G. Thorington

  2. Dana Hamilton Vickrey

    The mural remains in the post office that was constructed in 1935. The mural was painted in 1938 and is in its original form and has never been professionally restored. It is in very good condition considering it is over 80 years old. The Atmore Historical Society would like to locate grant funding to have the painting professionally cleaned and restored. Until your post, we were unaware that an original painting existed and would be very interested in photographing the painting. We have featured the mural as part of a county historical exhibit, but know nothing of the artist who painted it. We would love any information you might share. I realize I am posting this over five years after your inquiry but I hope we may connect to piece together information we both may be searching for.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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