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Though the roots of this school go back to 1884, it opened at its Carl Street location in 1914. Unfortunately, after a sad and racialized history in the 60s, the school was closed in the early 70s. The buildings were demolished in the mid 80s.

During the 30s, New Deal agencies were involved in the construction of the girl's gym (1937) and the school auditorium.

Source notes

Need more information on which agencies were involved.

For a concise but detailed history of the Polytechnic school see: The Rise and Fall of the Polytechnic School (http://www.perennialparrot.com/links/WEB%20Rise%20and%20Fall%20Part%201.pdf)

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Location Info

Carl St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Location notes:
Location is approximate but the school was located somewhere on Carl Street across from the Kezar Stadium.

Coordinates: 37.765452, -122.452767

9 comments on “Polytechnic High School – San Francisco CA

  1. I went to Poly, my sophomore year, 1974-1975, so, someone has their history wrong – the school was still open.

    • Bob,
      Then maybe you can tell us the exact location of the school. The history we used says it closed in the ‘early 1970s’ but it must be ‘mid-1970s’.

  2. Polytechnical High School officially closed in 1973. However, Mission High students were placed there from 73-77 while their school was renovated. Poly was unoccupied from 77 until its demolition in 1987 to make way for condominiums. The boys and girls gymnasiums are the only remaining structures

  3. I graduated from Polytechnic in 1962. At the time, I did not experience any racial tension. It was a great school to attend and the teachers were excellent. I attended the the only reunion I knew about when the school was closing, and I received a brick from the building (I guess part of the building had been taken down in order to make these commemorative bricks) and the dates inscribed are 1914 – 1972.

  4. Wayne Barker

    The footprint of the school is easily seen in google maps – at the location
    37.765438, -122.456349
    – in satellite view.
    The remaining structures (the two gymnasiums) are now Circus Center and Arco Sports, fronting Frederick Street, and between them and spilling up the hill to Carl street are the condominiums built after the rest of the school was demolished; easily identifiable by their homogenous roofing. So , the location of the school was in the middle of the block bordered by Willard street, Carl street, Arguello Blvd., and Frederick street.

  5. Back in the days of racial unrest mid 70s the unrest came predominently from Hunters Point rowdies looking for trouble.The Poly students were together throughout the years leading to ’68 and were all (most)friends I and my caucasian friends were advised by our black brothers to beware as there were many rowdies from elsewhere that did not know us.So we did…safely, gratefully

  6. Poly got soul!!!

  7. Lee DATRICE

    Most of us came from the Fillmore

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