Pocasset Gymnasium – Pocasset OK


“Throughout rural Oklahoma, the school becomes more than a place of education—it becomes a community center, a place to gather for events and share a common experience. In Oklahoma, nothing brings a community together more than sports and the school gymnasium becomes the place to be on game night.

Designed by architect Walter T. Vahlberg, the Pocasset Gymnasium was constructed from local materials and completed in 1941. The construction of the building itself brought the citizens of the area together. Constructed as part of the Works Progress Administration, the project provided relief to the people of Grady County dealing with the financial effects of the Great Depression. The structure served as an important part of the community until years of decay and neglect forced the doors closed in 1989.

Today the building sits idle, its windows boarded up or broken, and there are no plans to rehabilitate this important reminder of the area’s educational and cultural heritage.”   (http://preservationok.org)

Source notes


Pocasset Gymnasium, National Register of Historic Places Registration Form.

Project originally submitted by Cindy Savage on June 11, 2013.

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Location Info

Pocasset, OK 73079

Location notes: "The Pocasset Gymnasium is located approximately one-half mile south and one-eight mile east of the intersection of Dutton Road and State Highway 81 on unmarked streets in the small village of Pocasset, Oklahoma." This marker is approximate.

Coordinates: 35.196519, -97.953116

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