Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway Locomotive No. 1102 (demolished) – Pittsburgh PA


In 1934, the Public Works Administration (PWA) provided $331,000 in loans to the Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway, for the purchase of three new locomotives. The engines were Class J-1, numbered 1100-1102, and had somewhat unusual 2-6-6-4 wheel configurations.

Howard Worley, Jr. and William Poellot, Jr. describe the details and impact of the new locomotives:

“In October [1934] the first of the new articulated type freight locomotives, #1100, arrived at Rook [Pennsylvania] after traveling under its own power over the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad from the Eddystone plant of the Baldwin Locomotive Works near Philadelphia… it was the largest size engine on the P&WV, easily dwarfing the next in size 1000-series Mikado equipment… By the middle of November sister engines #1101 and #1102 had been delivered and shortly thereafter all three were placed in regular freight hauling service… The new locomotives were an immediate and successful remedy for the overtaxed motive power roster being used…” (The Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway).

After hauling freight for about 19 years—in the general areas of Wheeling, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Connellsville, Pennsylvania—Locomotive No. 1102 was scrapped in 1953.

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Source notes

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Location Info

Former headquarters of Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Location notes: Offices of the Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway were in the Wabash Railroad Station and Building (destroyed by fire and demolished)

Coordinates: 40.441193 , -80.004246

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