Petit Jean State Park – Morrilton AR


“V-CCC Company 1781 was assigned to Petit Jean State Park. Being a company of World War I veterans, most of the men were older with experience in construction work. The CCC worked at Petit Jean from 1933 to 1938. The first project was living quarters for the camp. Soon after, construction of Mather Lodge and the cabins began. Work was also started on the dam construction for the formation of Lake Bailey. Once the lake was complete, a water tower was constructed for Mather Lodge and the cabins. During the CCC’s tenure at Petit Jean they made great strides in road building, trail building, and impressive structures used by the park even today, including Mather Lodge, the pavilions, and the Davies Bridge over Cedar Creek to Red Bluff Drive.

The work of the CCC here at Petit Jean has been recognized as an outstanding example of CCC work in Arkansas. Petit Jean has 3 National Historic Districts and over 80 buildings, structures, trails, and bridges.”


The work of the 1781st Company of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Arkansas District includes the following:

Blue Hole Road Historic District: set of 11 Civilian Conservation Corps-built culverts, a guard rail, and a retaining wall.

Administration Office: CCC-built Rustic-style structure.

Cabins: several  CCC-built rustic-style cabins.

Cedar Falls Trail Historic District: footbridges and sets of stone steps built by the CCC.

Hwy. 154 Concrete Log Bridge: CCC-built concrete bridge.

Culvert No. 1: stone box culvert surrounded by stone work.

Lake Bailey-Lake Roosevelt Historic District: CCC-built lakes, waterfall, structures, walls, & steps.

Mather Lodge: stone-and-log building constructed by CCC.

Office Headquarters: Rustic-style structure.

Water Treatment Building: designed in rustic style.

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Project originally submitted by Alex Lichtenstein on March 9, 2013.

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Location Info

Petit Jean State Park
Morrilton, AR 72110

Coordinates: 35.1182429, -92.93349130000001

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