Petaluma Fire Department – Petaluma CA


‘The site of this building is 100 by 150 feet and is on the corner of two streets. The building is approximately 80 by 88 feet and is one and part two stories in height. The foundations are concrete and the superstructure is frame with a stucco surface.

The first floor houses seven pieces of fire apparatus, contains a recreation room, office, kitchen, storage room, toilet facilities, and alarm and battery rooms. Dormitories for the firemen, quarters for the fire chief, toilet and locker facilities are on the second floor.

The building was completed in 1938 at a construction cost of $39,403 and a project cost of 43,858.’
– (Short and Brown)

“July 23, 1938 Planning for a new firehouse had begun in 1923. Architect Brainard Jones designed the building, and in 1925 George McNear donated the lot at Second and ‘D’ Streets. In 1938 the $45,000.00 firehouse was finally erected; $18,180.00 of the funds came from a P.W.A. grant and the balance came from a bond issue. The department also purchased two American La France 750-gallon pumpers, and improved the sewage system with the balance of the bond money.”
quoted from Petaluma Fire Department History Page

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s
18180 26820 45000

Source notes

Short, C. W. and R. Stanley-Brown (1939) Public Buildings: Architecture under the Public Works Administration, 1933 to 1939. United States Government Printing Office, Washington, DC.

National Archives and Records Administration, RG 135- SAR

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Location Info

2nd st and D street
Petaluma, CA 94952

Location notes:

Coordinates: 38.233130, -122.636474

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