Pensacola Dam – Grand Lake OK


“Construction on the Pensacola Dam that formed Grand Lake in northeast Oklahoma began when President Roosevelt approved $41 million in WPA funds for the project in September, 1937. The marker at the sight of the dam had no indication of any workers being supplied with WPA funds, but an Oklahoma Educational Television Authority documentary made reference to the WPA workers at that site. On the marker, the Federal Works Agency (FWA) and Public Works Administration (PWA) are recognized. At the time of completion, WPA was officially under the umbrella of FWA. PWA had been terminated.”

–Leaning on a Legacy

Source notes

Marjorie Barton, _Leaning on a Legacy: The WPA in Oklahoma_, Oklahoma Heritage Association, 2008. Pg. 21.

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Location Info

Pensacola Dam
Grand Lake, OK

Coordinates: 36.4725, -95.0324

6 comments on “Pensacola Dam – Grand Lake OK

  1. James R Nevns

    I remember, as a lad, standing on the bluff and watching construction of the Dam. I recall it being a PWA project but do not remember the Contractor. The working Engineer was W.R. Hollaway and Sons. It was under the auspices of the U.S. Corps of Engineers with their site headquarters in Pensacola, OK. Thence the name Pensacola Dam

  2. Gail Whitten

    The Pensacola Dam was designed by engineer Victor Hugo Cochrane, who patented the design for a multi-arch dam. He was my great grandmother’s brother.

    • John D. Lyon

      Gail, you are my second cousin once removed, if I have figured this right. Victor H. Cochrane was my grandfather, and of course that of my brother Michael T. Lyon. My mother was his daughter Mary Louise. As I recall, Victor had two sisters, Eunice and Edna, but I don’t have my records here and am not sure I remember correctly. Who was your great-grandmother?

  3. Gail Whitten

    John, sorry to not reply for almost 3 years, but I didn’t receive any sort of notification that you had replied to my comment. Edna Cochrane Hodgens was my great grandmother, through her 3rd daughter, Margaret Ruth Hodgens Francis.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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