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Two buildings were constructed by the PWA on the campus of what was then the Patti Welder High School in 1936 and 1939 to serve as the town’s junior high. This part of the campus was originally known as the Victoria Junior High School, but the whole campus was later renamed the Patti Welder Junior High School, and eventually, the Patti Welder Middle School.

The 1936 building housed the administration, a library and four classrooms. The 1939 building provided a needed addition. The campus was already well established at that time and the new buildings were needed to accommodate the rapid growth of Victoria. In 1961, a new addition was added to the 1936 building.

Much of the original Victoria Junior High was destroyed when lightning struck the school on February 10, 1985. The school was rebuilt in its present form. More confirmation is needed, but the 1936 PWA building appears to have been destroyed. The plaques were saved. Both plaques pictured here are now attached to the re-built 1939 building. (The 1939 date is visible at the top of the facade pictured here).

Source notes

Information about the school has been obscure and contradictory; however, the following article in the Victoria Advocate provided the most information:

"History of Patti Welder Addressed at Meeting," Victoria Advocate, November 23, 1989 

Project originally submitted by Elizabeth Hilburn on June 7, 2016.

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Location Info

1604 E North St
Victoria, TX 77901

Coordinates: 28.801231, -96.988533

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  1. Michael Lee

    I have a class photo (framed) of, I believe, the 1941 class of Patti Welder High School. The school at that time only went to grade 11. The following year it began 12th grade. My Mother, Bonnie George, attended the school in the final year of 11th grade to graduate. She lived at the corner of Main and Navarro, catty–corner from the Dr. Pepper plant. Mother passed away several years ago. Her class photo was a main fixture in her bedroom. Would you like this photo to hang in the Patti Welder middle school?

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