Parkside Village II & IV – Detroit MI


“Parkside, a low-rent housing development in Detroit, Michigan, was built on an undeveloped 31-acre plot adjacent to Chandler Park. The site cost $170,000, or about 17 cents a square foot. The buildings, which are fireproof, consist of 2- and 3-story apartments and 2-story row houses, which cover 25 percent of the site area and provide an average of 93 rooms to the acre.

There are 3,025 rooms, arranged to provide 775 family-dwelling units of which 6 percent are 2-room, 33 percent 3-rooms, 51 percent 4-room, and 10 percent 5-room units. All apartments are supplied with heat, hot and cold water, and electricity for light, cooking, and refrigeration. Rent, including these utility charges, averages $7.03 a room per month. The shelter-rent computation, which includes cold water only, is 5.07 a room per month. The project was first tenanted on October 15, 1938.

The buildings have a volume of 7,629,200 cubic feet and a gross floor area of 719,766 square feet. The project was completed at a construction cost of approximately $3,756,039, which is equal to 49 cents a cubic foot, and an average of $1,242 a room and $4,847 a family-dwelling unit. It was fully financed with P.W.A. funds at a cost of $4,179,200, including land, construction, and miscellaneous items. This indicates a total cost of approximately $1,381 a room and $5,392 a family-dwelling unit.”

P.W.A. Project No. H-1205

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

Source notes

C.W. Short and R. Stanley-Brown. "Public Buildings: A Survey of Architecture of Projects Constructed by Federal and Other Governmental Bodies Between the Years 1933 and 1939 with the Assistance of the Public Works Administration." (1939).

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Location Info

5000 Conner Ave.
Detroit, MI 48215

Coordinates: 42.389298, -82.975964

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