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Only 1933 and 1934 town reports were available, but even so, quite a lot of useful work was accomplished by CWA and FERA on unemployment relief.

1933: City Planning Board
“In December a C W A project was started at the Park, Kirby Lake, and on our city trees. At the Park many changes and improvements have been made under this project. A new pavilion has been built, all bushes removed, drains put in, a new bed for the small stream being dug along the easterly line of the Park and the old bed filled in, making a new and ideal spot for campers, and a drain has been put in across the main road west of the pavilion, which will take care of all drainage from the
roads. At Kirby Lake a crew worked several weeks removing bushes and clearing up the edges around the lake. All the trees in the city have been cleaned of dead wood, some in poor condition have been removed, which we hope will be replaced. All these improvements could not have been made except for the C W A projects.”

“Kirby Lake was originally intended to be used as a water supply, but proved to be insufficient for that purpose. The lake is now a favorite spot for ice skating and ice hockey and has a perimeter path and a rustic shelter. It has also been referred to, Lovingly, as The Muck.”

“Belfast City Park, the City’s oldest park, was established in 1904. The park is a heavily used, active park of 17.5 acres.”

Source notes

Municipal Activities - City of Belfast, Maine

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on August 30, 2017.

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City Park Rd.
Belfast, ME 04915

Coordinates: 44.41541, -68.99384

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