Paradise Day Use Area (Paradise Camp)- Willamette National Forest OR


Paradise Day Use Area is just a mile and a half from the McKenzie Ranger Station on the south bank of the McKenzie River. This picnic area was laid-out and improved by Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees from CCC Camp Belknap in 1937. When constructed it included both the current day use area and the adjacent Paradise Campground. At the time, “Paradise Camp” was meant to serve as many as five-hundred campers.

In addition to the picnic areas with stone fireplaces/stoves, an amphitheater is located in the day use area. The log benches with back rests, laid out in two columns of four rows, provide seating for educational programs.

Source notes

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"Paradise Day Use Area," Willamette National Forest. US Forest Service Website (Viewed August 13, 2022):

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Project originally submitted by Jim Reed on September 10, 2022.
Additional contributions by Judith T Kenny & Tom Hubka.

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Location Info

McKenzie Highway
McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413

Location notes: The Willamette National Forest website gives Blue River as the location of the campground and day use area.

Coordinates: 44.18525099346027, -122.08622555039821

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